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Sustainable Solutions to Develop Supply Chains


We are a supply chain consulting company recognized & affiliated with a Council under the Government of India. Our affiliation with the AMHSSC adds to the credibility and recognition of every project undertaken by us;

Our team comprises of experts from the Manufacturing & Legal sectors;

We do not undertake any work that could lead to a conflict of interest;

We share a great relationship with all factories that we work with, which ensures transparency and allows us to help the factory understand our clients’ requirements better;

Our contracts are vetted professionally by lawyers and ensure that all concerns pertaining to non- disclosure, anti- bribery, intellectual property, etc. are specifically covered;

We are a recognized Institute for Skill Development & Skill Recognition across all regions in India and are authorized to issue certifications of the Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India, to all candidates successfully completing the defined courses;

We are members of the Social & Labor Convergence Project of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition which seeks to develop a common framework for data collection that will reduce duplicated efforts, creating opportunities to invest resources previously designated for compliance audits into the improvement of social and labor conditions.

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