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The Sentio Team


At Sentio, we help our clients envision and shape their growth around the key drivers of social impact, productivity and cost effectiveness by bringing to the table highly skilled resources, excellent project management skills, strong process orientation, in-built process quality and professional management. We have a team that is committed and passionate about their goals.



Chief Executive Officer

Anil commenced his career in the agriculture sector in 1980 and subsequently spent almost a decade in the tea plantations in the North-Eastern state of Assam in India. During his tenure in the tea estates he engaged extensively with workers and worked closely with labor unions. Apart from other aspects of estate management, addressing workers grievances, pursuing disciplinary measures, engaging in welfare measures for workers and consultation with labor was an integral and crucial part of his job responsibility. During early to late nineties Anil was heading a packaging company near Delhi and was involved in and responsible for all activities that the organization engaged in. Anil entered the apparel export industry in 1997 and has been one of the pioneers in the field of Social Compliance. He has since engaged in audits and assessments, remediation, counseling (both buyers and suppliers), supply chain mapping & risk analysis and facilitating workers consultation and participation in work-place issues. He has also served as an advisor to the Fair Labor Association (in the capacity of Acting Director of Global Operations) where he supervised and directed their global operations. During his journey thus far Anil has traveled to and undertaken assignments in South Asia, South-East Asia, China, Middle-East, Turkey, Kenya, Madagascar & Mauritius. He has worked with numerous clients both in the US and Europe and has also engaged with BSR in assisting them with workshops in India. Anil has been instrumental in the formation of Sentio and continues to guide and support us.



Founder & Managing Director

Dhruv Sahai founded Sentio post his stint with one of the leading law firms in Asia, where he advised numerous multi-national corporations on the applicable corporate laws. He was also actively involved in preparing structuring options based on the foreign laws and policies, in India. He has been involved in providing consultancy services in legal and social compliance related matters to numerous factories in India, Sri- Lanka, Bangladesh and Kenya, apart from providing his expertise in factory remediation programs across the Indian Subcontinent. Dhruv continues to play a key role in the implementation of numerous programs aimed at improving social compliance standards across various industries. He has been awarded with an appreciation from the Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India for developing a Guidance Handbook on Social Compliance for the Indian Handicrafts Industry.



Associate Director- South India

Rajendran has been an active part of Sentio and heads our branch office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (South India). Rajendran commenced his professional career in 1976 with Co–optex which was primarily responsible for marketing the produce of Handloom weavers in Tamil Nadu. During his stint he worked extensively with numerous Trade Unions of Tamil Nadu and was responsible for maintaining Industrial and Employee relations. Rajendran has also worked with a prominent apparel manufacturer/ exporter in Chennai and was responsible for managing CSR for the Company. He was responsible for many Corporate Social Initiatives of the company, the most remarkable one being a 300 Bed Hospital built in Nagapattinam, a coastal town in Tamil Nadu which was ravaged by the Tsunami. Rajendran has played a key role in setting up garment factories in Bahrain, Bangladesh and Jordan which continue to remain exemplary factories in terms of social compliance standards. He also spearheaded the HER project, to empower women employees by educating them on good Health, Hygiene, and Personal Finance Management and was implemented under the guidance of BSR. Rajendaran continues to be involved in sustainability initiatives by bringing in best practices in water conservation, solar heating systems, energy efficient lighting system, recycling of plastic for conversion into Hydro Carbon fuel.



Community & Women Welfare Specialist

Amita has been actively involved in working with Government and framing laws pertaining to child welfare and women empowerment. She has been operating an NGO- Savera Social Welfare Society since the year 2000, for undertaking community welfare projects and focusing on empowerment of rural women.

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