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Consultation on Labor Laws & Regulations

Knowing the applicable laws of the region you source from is vital to ensure a region specific approach

Our team of lawyers are here to ensure that our clients are well versed with the legal regulations that apply to their suppliers across the globe. It is pertinent to be aware of the region specific laws & challenges in order to have a sustainable approach towards implementation of social standards.

A Worker explaining issues to Factory Management & Assessor

Transparency Based Assessments

Transparency from Factory Management resulting in factual findings and sustainable remediation.

We believe that ‘checklist audits’ only serve a limited purpose. To achieve a sustainable, compliant workplace, all parties involved must work collaboratively and with transparency, which is why we offer free consultation from our team of industry experts & lawyers to the suppliers of all brands implementing our Transparency Based Assessments.  Full cooperation and trust is imperative.  Engaging in detailed and open discussions with factory management and with workers enables us to identify areas where there is a need for improvement.

Factory Improvement Program

Ensures systematic remediation and gradually lets the factory take ownership of the program to achieve sustainability.

Exhaustive 1 to 4 year program focused on remediation, monitoring and worker engagement with intent to establish systems within factories to ensure sustainability. Spread across 4 levels achieved annually with intervention reduction at each stage.


Worker Engagement Program

Ensures redressal of workers’ grievances while maintain real time updates of the resolution process. Establishes a health communication channel between workers & management.

Creation of a formal worker committee having adequate representation with real time problem solving through facilitated meetings.

Verification Assessments

Broadening the scope of responsible sourcing by assessing not just suppliers but also the related service providers.

The codes of respnsible sourcing should not apply only to suppliers but also to the related service providers like Sourcing Agents and Audit Firms. The team at Sentio comprises of the most experienced professionals in their respective fields. Its affiliation with the Government authorities lend it unmatched credibility. Based on this experience & credibility we offer to go beyond assessing just your suppliers and include the related service providers within the scope of the assessment as well, through our verification assessments, to ensure that your principles are not compromised through the multiple levels of delegation that occurs when you source from around the globe.

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Supply Chain Mapping & Risk Analysis

Ensures timely identification of risks associated with a product’s supply chain within a certain region in order to draw out resolutions for the same.

Mapping the supply chain from factory to farm while identifying risks at each level.

Remediation & Monitoring

Helping suppliers become well versed with code requirements and understand the need and proper methods of implementing them.

With years of experience in countless remediation projects, we’re ready to take your suppliers to the next level. At Sentio, we work with your suppliers on rectification of gaps by rendering effective consultation and establishing proper monitoring systems.

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C-TPAT Assessment & Consultation

Ensuring Strict Adherence to Security Regulations

Security & shipment related audit of the suppliers’ facility to ensure they meet the prescribed requirements.

On- Site & Off- Site Trainings

On- site as well as off- site training modules to ensure effective learning by a suppliers’ workforce

Training modules specifically developed for suppliers’ management & workers focused on code requirements.

Volunteers Serving Food

Community Welfare Initiatives

CSR initiatives to help the underprivileged

At Sentio, we partner with local NGOs & Government Authorities to provide infrastructure pertaining to women empowerment, education, skilling, sanitation, etc. to communities at large.

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